What?! Peter Jackson to direct The Silmarillion Movie?

Earlier there were rumors floating round about the possibility of Peter Jackson going for third time lucky by transforming yet another Tolkien property to a box-office busting three part-er.

The little known The Silmarillion was intended as a sequel to The Hobbit and was only published after Tolkien’s death. It’s a collection of Middle-Earth histories and is set at some time in the Earth’s past. As such, it’s meant to have been translated from Bilbo’s three-volume Translations from the Elvish, which he wrote while at Rivendell.

Silmarillion Movie Lord of the Rings

Since the work was never finished, its present incarnation was fleshed out by Tolkien’s son, Christopher Tolkien and others, including fantasy writer Guy Gavriel Kay, and they worked from JRR Tolkien’s notes.

The short retrospective video below offers a balanced perspective on Peter Jackson’s tendency to say no initially to seemingly impossible storytelling tasks and then later take them on. As such, it may give hope to those of us rooting for The Silmarillion Movie!

Reportedly, Tolkien’s family has refused Peter Jackson the rights to film the novel because they didn’t like his rendition of The Hobbit. However, since we haven’t had this confirmed through any official channels, it could just be the rumor mill churning out baseless gossip. Fingers crossed – We’d love to see Peter take on his most sprawling, ambitious project yet.

[Source: moviepilot]